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  • Editing: manuscript editing for publication
  • Academic communications: writing, presenting
  • Business communications: writing, presenting, negotiating

Fact: Most training ≠ learning

Their Training ...

Learning by listing and watching
Sitting in my chair
Forgetting the knowledge

Our Training ...

Learning by doing ... with AI
Practicing skills with humans ... and AI
Developing skills after training ... with AI

Business + AI

Email, report writing, LinkedIn, presenting, negotiating, job finding

Academic + AI

Research writing, presenting, social media science communication, job finding

Editing by Human

Research writing (manuscripts, cover letters, and letters to reviewers)

Learn what you need

Communication and AI - key career skills

Features of Our Courses

Why Choose Us?

Only 10% of training gets remembered … because it is not practiced, not relevant … and not always interesting!

Practical and science-based

Theory + practice during training


Clear practical goals after training


Learning only happens when curiosity and interest is engaged


Trusted by professionals

“Dr Daly [of EQLS] is a sophisticated educator … [his] speech on the common errors in medical writing was not just based on experience but also from his empirical research. Highly recommended!”
Dr Chih-Tao Cheng
peter chang small
“For the past decade, my academic papers have flourished thanks to Nigel's exceptional editing services. His meticulous approach ... insightful annotations ... personalized attention and dedication is a rarity in the realm of academic editing.”
Yung-Chun Chang, Professor
rec image.yeh po an
“I really appreciate the English Editing by EQLS on our manuscript, which was accepted by a scientific journal. … very efficient and … very useful suggestions and critical comments.”
Po-An Yeh, Academia Sinica Researcher
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“Dr. Daly's lecture on using AI in academic writing … impressively translated sophisticated AI prompting into accessible writing strategies. …. his enthusiasm for his subject is palpable … comprehensible and engaging. … I highly recommend.”
Srisakul Chaichuum, PhD