Business CLT

Business communication & language training/coaching for junior level staff to senior management.

Goal: boost ability to communicate influence.

Communicating influence

Business Communication

Short- to long-term courses, workshops and lectures to enhance communication and AI skills for:

  • Writing influence: emails, notices, reports, technical writing, business grammar, job applications
  • Speaking influence: business presentations, negotiations, meetings, sales, trade show communications, job interviews
  • 4-skill case study roleplays: reading, listening, speaking and writing are combined in case studies focusing on building skills of influence and based on themes about sales, marketing, and management
  • TOEIC: TOEIC vocabulary building, TOEIC grammar building and also TOEIC speaking and writing test practice for institutions that want to quantify English learning with measurable gains¬†
  • AI prompting: creating effective and appropriate language.