About Us

We offer Communication and language training, or CLT, as well as AI training for EFL professionals.


What We're All About

Career success strongly relates to your communication ability

And in this age of AI, your professional success will increasingly depend on how you can use AI to boost your human communication skills. 

At English Q Learning Systems, or EQLS, we re-invent learning systems to combine human and AI skills to boost the human skill of communication. 

We ensure that you understand and practice communication skills and use AI tools to enhance these skills both during and after the training

Learn to learn with AI

AI offers for the first time in human history the possibility of personalized learning — anytime, anywhere.  

Our expert communication trainers will help you understand effective communication so that you can use AI to communicate with influence. 

Our Vision

Who We Are

Ineffective training wastes millions of dollars and hours each year.

10% …. this is often how much “training” becomes “learning”.


  • Poor instructional design 
  • Lack of motivation 
  • Inadequate transfer climate

To develop Learning Systems (the LS in EQLS), we only partner with organizations that take L&D seriously.

This is because we need to customize the learning and we need the organization’s help to do this.

Learn From Experts

Our trainers have 20+ years of professional training, curriculum development, and editing experience

Learn by Doing

Practical and actionable communication and AI strategies

Learn with AI

Learn communication strategies and how to use AI to put them in action

Step 1. Diagnose

We diagnose the need by talking to not only HR representatives but also managers to properly identify the key set of skills that upskilling or reskilling, 


Step 2. Benchmark

We design the initial assessment of the trainees to create a benchmark,

Step 3. Assess

We conclude the training with final assessments, and

Step 4. Delayed assess

We later follow up with not only the trainees but also their managers to assess the effect of the training on their job performance.